DPI Direct offers full-service label and package printing. We employ both traditional and digital printing methods to meet the labeling needs of our customers. Our digital printing capabilities provide our customers with the highest quality labels as well as affordable short- and medium-run jobs. Our traditional printing capabilities provide competitive pricing for all jobs that exceed the optimal run length of the digital press.

About our Printing Capabilities

FLEXO (FLEXOGRAPHIC) PRINTING utilizes flexible plastic plates mounted on cylinders to apply ink to the label substrate one color at a time. It can print on almost any substrate including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, paper, foil, acetate film, brown paper, and other materials used in packaging. Flexo has an advantage over lithography in that it can use a wider variety of inks -- such as water based and UV inks rather than oil based inks. This capability is optimum for the medium and long run label needs of our customers. Where digital quality is not required flexo offers our customers an affordable answer to medium and long run label requirements.

DIGITAL PRINTING with our HP Indigo press provides our customers with unlimited options. Digital offset color is the HP Indigo electronic printing process that combines high-performance digital imaging technology with the liquid ink offset printing process. The merging of electronic imaging with liquid ink offset printing combines the flexibility of on-demand electronic printing with the quality of offset printing.

EMBOSSING with our photopolymer plates on our flexographic press allows us to press an image into the label material so that the image is raised above the label surface. This provides added dimensions to the label, which allow it to stand out from standard labels.

HOT STAMPING uses heat and pressure to apply dry film based ink to the label substrate. Our film based ink inventory includes a wide range of standard color shades as well as matte and bright metallic inks and holographic inks. The latter provide a quality/brilliance not available with standard inks.

COLD FOIL PRINTING is similar to hot foil stamping but does not require heat and pressure to transfer foil to the substrate. Instead, this process uses a specifically designed UV curable adhesive, for use in-line on flexo presses to achieve foil transfer. Because the transfer takes place in line on a flexo press much greater speeds can be achieved resulting in lower costs for our customers. Cold foil printing is not intended to replace hot foil stamping, but it is a good alternative for customers looking to add the brilliance of film based metallic inks to their flexo printed labels.