Computer pinfeed hazardous waste labels for all states (except California). Printed on Tyvek and fan-folded in boxes of 1500; Kimdura and fan-folded in boxes of 2000 (FP-1, FP-2, NJP-1 only); and EDP Paper fan-folded in boxes of 2200 (FP-2 only). Sold in Quantities as low as 25.

Die cut on coated paper or weather and solvent resistant Tyvek and Kimdura (with fade and solvent resistant inks and all temperature adhesive). Perforation between labels. Labels meet all state and federal government requirements.

Hazardous Waste (F-2P) Custom

These 6 x 6 labels are die cut with perforation between all labels and printed with the best fade- and solvent-resistant inks. These labels are printed on weather- and solvent-resistant Tyvek with all temperature adhesive to protect your labels from the weather and spills. These labels are computer pinfeed. Labels meet all government regulations.