Postage, Shipping & Handling Labels

Print your own postage on our Dymo compatible 30915 and 99019 postage labels for use with Dymo Stamps, and Ebay. The extent of our shipping labels is not confined to the stock labels on our website; we can also create any custom labels that will meet all your shipping requirements.

PayPal / eBay Internet Postage Labels

Sold in rolls of 150. These labels are 100% guaranteed. Compatible Dymo Label Writer Printers: 330, 330 Turbo, 400, 400 Turbo, Twin Turbo, Label Writer Duo, SE300 Unlike most other vendors, we ship our label rolls in black poly bags, just like Dymo. These labels are heat sensitive, and this extra step, will protect your labels during transit and storage. This allows you to purchase labels in bulk and store them with confidence. If you desire a quantity that is not listed just email us and we will be happy to ship you the amount you need.