How to Print Internet Postage

If you are new to printing internet postage stamps and eBay/PayPal shipping labels, it can be difficult to figure out how to get everything working. Especially if you are a Mac user. This guide will help you get started, and by the end of it you will be able to print Endicia postage stamps using our Dymo Compatible 30915 labels or eBay/PayPal USPS shipping labels.


Endicia Postage Stamps (Dymo 30915)

Printing Endicia postage stamps using our Dymo Compatible 30915 labels is very easy and well documented by Endicia.  Their thorough guides will help both Mac and Windows users get up and running in no time.  Please consult the Endicia links for more details on how to get started.


eBay/PayPal Internet Postage (Dymo 99015)

Printing eBay/PayPal internet postage using our Dymo Compatible 99015 labels is simple once you get all the right tools set up. Getting all the tools set up on your computer can be tricky, especially if you are a Mac user. These steps will help you get everything up and running and have you printing eBay/PayPal Internet Postage in no time.

Windows Users

  1. The Dymo printer must be installed and working properly with your Windows operating system.
  2. Follow the steps as outlined by eBay to print shipping labels.
  3. Before printing the label, you will need to ensure that the proper printer has been selected. Click on the Edit Printer settings link.
  4. printer-settings

  5. Select the "Label Printer" printer radial button, select either of the Dymo printers, and click Save. Notice that none of the Dymo 400 or Twin Turbo printers are listed. This will not be a problem. The application will format the labels to the proper size of 2.4" x 7.5".
  6. paypal-2

  7. Verify that the label printer you selected is listed and then click "Pay and Continue"
  8. printer-settings

  9. At this point the Pitney Bowes powered Print Postage Java applet will launch.
  10. pitney-bowes

Note: For Windows users there should be no issues with simply selecting your Dymo printer as the Target Printer and printing the label. Mac users will be unable to print directly to their Dymo printers due to the fact that the Java applet does not provide support for this on Mac computers.

In order to print the label on your Mac using your Dymo printer you will need to follow the steps outlined below.

Mac Users

  1. Download the Cups PDF Printer for Mac OS X SW and install it.
  2. Select System Preferences. Then select Print & Fax.
  3. mac-printer

  4. Select Add Printer. Select Default. Select the "CUPS-PDF" printer from the list. Click on "Select a driver to use". Then select the "Generic postscript color printer" option and Click Add. This adds a printer that will create a PDF directly from the PayPal application, which is not possible via any other method.
  5. mac-printer-2

  6. Go to the PayPal's Pitney Bowes powered Print Postage Java applet and click on the "Select Target Printer" button. Select the "CUPS-PDF" printer and click on Save.
  7. select-printer

  8. Select Print Label and the following message will appear:
  9. confirm

  10. Before clicking OK, check to make sure that the label printed and a PDF file was created. You should have a PDF file that looks like the following:
  11. pdf

  12. Make sure that the label is oriented as in the example. Click Page Setup in Adobe Acrobat to configure the document for printing on your Dymo printer. Select the Dymo Printer. Select the proper label size--in this case the 99019. Select the standard orientation to make sure that the label is lined up properly for the Dymo.
  13. page-setup

  14. Click Print. Now, you are done! Follow steps 4-8 to print additional eBay/PayPal postage labels on our Dymo Compatible 99019 labels.
  15. ebay-postage or 99019-1